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About Us

004 is dedicated to filling a gap that exists between the hip hop culture. Our culture is well represented on the inside with the majority of the population being young African American and Hispanic males. Hip hop is loved by all, but few have lived by the culture the way we have.

There is an epidemic going on in this country with our people and 004 wants to make sure that we all know what’s at risk when you are in “the game”. 004 was born from a fed up mind wanting to do something about these crazy laws designed to put us behind bars. We will never forget why we are doing this. It is not because of the money, it is to rep the ones inside that do not have a voice, unite the two worlds, and make the blind out here realize what’s at risk in the land of the free.

This site will never be censored. It is for our people to communicate and spread whatever valuable information we have. It’s also a place where you can come to purchase a variety of products of interest to our people inside and out. It is for the graff head, b-boy, music lover and the whole hip hop community in general. This company is made up of cats that have “been there and done that”. It will never be phony and watered down just to make money, will we always keep it 100% real.

Please check out our links to learn more about the out of hand laws that the federal and state governments have put out to lock us up. There are over 2,000,000 people doing time in America, the most per capita than any other country in the world. The minimum mandatory laws are crushing us and we aren’t making enough of an effort to do anything about it. We can’t do much, what we hope for is to spread the word so that we all know what we are up against and don’t get caught by surprise.

Snitching is at an all time high, and this is the government’s main tool to put us away. Brothers are telling on brothers, fathers on sons, cousins on cousins, best friends on each other, etc. This is degrading our people at the same time and we are just standing by and watching it. It is even normal in some circles with a lot of people talking about who they will be telling on in the open. They are giving out so much time that a lot of times these cats feel pressured, not wanting to do a life sentence, and then they flip on they peoples.

Enjoy the site, but never forget why we are here. We aren’t here to preach, just to let people know what time it is. Read the mandatory minimums and tell someone you know in “the game” about them that might not know. This is all we ask, spread the word. This site is far from perfect, we do not claim that it is. Please send us feedback and let us know how we can make it better.

Thank you

The 004 Team