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Evolve E1

Evolve E1
Evolve E1
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  • Model: Evolve E1
  • Weight: 4.00oz
  • Dimensions: 2.00in x 3.00in x 2.00in
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Evolve Yellow $8.00
Abstrk's Fresh Squeezed $8.00
Ewok's Big Apple Red $8.00
Baby Pink $8.00
Vice City Pink $8.00
Light Dade $8.00
Dade $8.00
Carolina Blue $8.00
Robin Egg $8.00
Light Collard $8.00
Dr. Greenthumb $8.00
Collard Green $8.00
Crude Oil Black $8.00
Ynot White $8.00
Sterling Silver $8.50
Mistah T $8.50

New on the market these will make you switch quick! Beautiful drips, opaque, permanent, solid lines, fast drying and won't fade at all! We also sell 10mm replacement nibs for these. 2oz. Made in USA

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