About us

1999. The hole of the Broward County Jail:
I wrote an idea down on the back of a commissary sheet. The feds gave me a number and I wanted to name my company after it. 6 years later I came home and put some wheels on it.
At first people thought I was Crazy. "You're doing what? Selling spray paint and markers? Yeah ok".
It started slow, out of my garage as I worked a regular job and sold other brands. In 2009 I dropped my own brand, Evolve.
In 2010 I opened a shop in Wynwood. The first one to do so, and made history.
Today Evolve is the only American brand with a full line of products geared towards graffiti art.
Who would've thought I would be this blessed 23 years after writing this. During the darkest days I always stayed positive and worked towards what I envisioned. During this time I've done it with dignity and not giving into the bullshit that goes along with having a legit business.
Big shoutout to those that believed in me from the jump. I'll never forget y'all.